Stakeholder Engagement and Management

Stakeholder Engagement and Management

Successful stakeholder engagement is vital for professional project management.  Gaining stakeholder approval and support, anticipating risks and opportunities and satisfying stakeholder needs in an organized manner is essential to being able to initiate and execute project plans.


We make your story more compelling by shaping your message to be most effective.  We develop approaches and strategies that assist you to achieve positive outcomes and help to identify challenges and ways of dealing with them.

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Relationship Building

We help build cooperative partnerships with all project stakeholders so that issues are clearly understood and avenues to solutions can be productively discussed.  We bring years of hands-on experience with government and public agencies related to goods movement, logistics, and environmental regulatory agencies that helps us quickly identify individuals at all levels who are critical to moving projects forward and similar experience with private industry and labor that allow for broad-based strategic alliances.


Knowing how to deliver the message is critical. We help establish key messages and work with you to present them in a clear and concise and convincing way.


Being able to move forward expeditiously with discussions that allow fair and reasonable adjustments to be made so that all stakeholders concerns are addressed is important for cost and schedule control.  We bring extensive experience in developing and implementing collaborative approaches to problem solving and project scoping.


Every project has it’s challenges and must be sensitive to the needs of the community and general public, government agencies, businesses and other stakeholders.  We help prepare a thorough analysis of issues, identifying risks and opportunities and avenues of compromise that allow projects to move forward.




Effective management of the engagement process is necessary to control cost and measure success.  We bring years of managerial and technical expertise to assure that each of our projects is effectively managed.  Early and systematic identification of stakeholders, regular analysis of the issues and concerns critical to success, continuous planning and implementation of activities to engage stakeholders and deliver your message must be carefully controlled and analyzed to determine if they are on target and to maintain their effectiveness.  Risk analysis, project scoping and value analysis of the stakeholder engagement process as well as the project helps assure that risks are identified and properly managed, that participants clearly understand their role in the engagement effort and that the approaches being taken are the most effective.