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Beginning with establishing policy and initial planning and throughout the life of a program, working with and influencing stakeholders is often the key to project and program success.  Stakeholder engagement uses consultation, relationship building, communication, negotiation and compromise to set expectations, identify perceptions and concerns, shape what success looks like, and impact the outcomes that can be achieved.  Our expertise in linking business, government and community helps ensure your success, whether it is in developing a new project or expanding current operations. 

From government relations and stakeholder outreach through the various stages of project planning, development, and execution, our focus is on reducing friction in the delivery process.  In design and construction, making the right project delivery process choice, focusing the delivery team on important issues, and effective and efficient execution are critical to successful project delivery.  

The Dialed-In Partners team brings decades of public policy advocacy, stakeholder engagement programs, construction execution, and construction and program oversight experience to help you navigate your projects and programs from beginning to end.

Whether the need is developing and executing policy and public engagement programs; training staff to understand new delivery processes and the benefit of collaboration;  assisting in the transition to new markets; development of tools and process implementation to work more effectively; or working to resolve issues and claims in a timely and equitable manner, we bring an understanding of all stakeholders concerns and the experience of having dealt with similar issues.  

Dialed-In Partners is like having a number on speed-dial. Easily accessed skills to improve your effectiveness.

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