Program and Project Support

Changes and Claims Support
Change management is a time-consuming effort that can adversely impact the effectiveness of project staff.  We can provide support in reviewing change requests or examining potential changed conditions to determine whether a changed condition has occurred and provide documentation to satisfy contract requirements.  We can also review change requests for accuracy and validity, analyze claimed impacts and assist in negotiation of a settlement.

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Risk Management
Risk management is a process that starts in planning and carries through to operations.  Assumptions made during planning and design need to be tracked to see if they were appropriate, external conditions that might impact the construction effort need to be monitored and decisions made during project delivery that could impact operations and maintenance need to be shared.  The process to capture each of these assumptions, decisions, potential impacts and unknowns; assessing the potential of occurrence and possible impacts of each item; tracking changes and relevance of each risk item; retiring items once they are no longer applicable and evaluating the potential collective and individual impact to the project is risk management.  We can assist in the implementation of the system and associated training, collection and analysis of data and provide periodic review of the process.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution
Formal and informal dispute resolution using a Board (DRB), an ad hoc committee or a project neutral can be an efficient way to deal with disputes on a project.  We can provide support as a member of board or committee or can provide project neutral services for specific issues.

Management Support
We can provide management support during project start-up or wind-down when additional staff are needed for peak period activity or staff is transitioning on to or off a project